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Pastor Kwasi Obeng Gyimah was born into a very poor home on Sunday, April 27, 1941, at Assin Edubiase in Ghana, West Africa. He was raised as a Methodist and joined the church singing band at age six. Although he was nurtured in the things of God, did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ until June 1964, when he became a born again. Immediately, he enrolled in Bible study correspondence courses with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the Missionary Tract Society of Orlando, Florida, U.S.A and obtained certificates after completion of courses.

A turning point in his life was when he visited The Inner Temple of Christ on July 30, 1967, where Pastor Jonas Yaw Baafi was Pastor and founder. There he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and remained with the church where he became the leader of the young adults, leading them to many sites in Accra for open-air crusades. Two years after, he joined the Ghana Apostolic Church, where he continued in the Youth Ministry with increasing love and fervor.

On August 24, 1971, Rev. Gyimah migrated to the United States. He connected with Rev. Dr. Stephen K. Gyermeh whom he had known as a colleague at the Bank of British West Africa and was then preparing to enter Bible college. Three years later, Rev. Gyimah started his college education and graduated with a B. A. in Religion, Biblical Studies, and Philosophy at Luther Rice College/California National Open University in 1977.

A dramatic turning point of his life came in February 1983 when the Lord used him to heal a paralyzed woman. As Rev. Gyimah was walking out of the building, a similar question that the Lord asked Peter, “Simon, son of Jonah, lovest thou me more than these?” (John 21:15) was asked by a voice within him. The voice added “What are you doing with this gift of mine? Go and work for me.” This was the second time the Lord had used him to heal a paralytic. He had no doubt that the Lord had spoken.

Coincidently, on June 6 - 12, 1983, Rev. Dr. Stephen K. Gyermeh who was at that time a traveling Evangelist contacted Rev. Gyimah to organize revival meetings. The revival took place in Takoma Park, MD and at the end of it, the Lord impressed on both their hearts to establish a church, now The Church of the Living God FGM. At that time, in spite of the fact that Rev. Gyimah was a full-time Supervisor for the Southland Corporation and a full-time Insurance Agent with the Equitable Life Insurance Company, he made time to see the growth of the church. However, he later resigned from his Equitable Life to give more time to the church. Meanwhile, Rev. Dr. Stephen K. Gyermeh who was still in the field as an Evangelist, visited the new church several times and stayed weeks at a time. Rev. Gyimah oversaw the ministry until Pastor Gyermeh relocated to Maryland. Thus, Rev. Gyimah served as an Associate Pastor on a part-time basis under Pastor Gyermeh’s leadership until 1992, whereupon his retirement from his secular career became a full-time Associate Pastor.

From this humble beginning in 1983, other branches have been established. There are now branches in Atlanta; Chicago; California; Fairfax, Northern Virginia; Richmond, VA; New York; Columbus, Ohio; Detroit, MI; Newark, NJ, and of course Hyattsville, MD where everything started.

In July 1998, Pastor Gyimah was named the resident pastor at the Alexandria VA branch of the church, which is now known as The Church of the Living God of Northern Virginia. He has since led the church to new growth and the purchase of its own sanctuary.

Pastor Gyimah continues to lead the church to new heights.

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